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Tacit Art Galleries Triumphs

July 9, 2017

Pause IIScreen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.25.07 PM

Tim Bateson 20 year Retrospective

Tacit Art Galleries
123 Gipps Street,


Tim Bateson, curator of Tacit Contemporary Art in Abbotsford with his partner, director Keith Lawrence launched their new Tacit Galleries on Wednesday July 5, at 123 Gipps Street, Collingwood with a retrospective exhibition of Tim’s work spanning a 20 year period.

It was a terrific opening, with fine speeches from Tim Bateson and the mayor of Collingwood, Sandra Cooper. The exhibition was officially opened by Euan Heng who began with “I have been working on getting rid of this Scottish accent since I arrived in Australia 40 years ago”. Heng congratulated Tim on a fine exhibition and noted that when Tim and Keith started Tacit Galleries he asked Tim, why they had chosen the word Tacit. Tim replied that Tacit meant, “understood or implied without being stated a fitting description of Tacit Galleries.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 3.31.17 PM

John Hoerner and Alison Waters, The Waters Group.

It was wonderful to see that some aspects of contemporary gallery life simply don’t need changing, with the traditional element of speeches, fine wine and good cheese and crackers present during the evening. Who said physical galleries were dead! This was certainly not the case at the official opening of Tacit in Collingwood, which is going from strength to strength.

The exhibition includes Tim’s paintings, drawings, printmaking and digital imagery. Tim will now be the director of the new gallery in Collingwood while Keith will retain the well-respected Tacit Contemporary Art in Abbotsford.

At a time when many art galleries are struggling, this new venture sees Tacit Galleries expand it’s already very successful eight gallery spaces in Abbotsford, providing yet more opportunity for artists with the launch of Tacit in Collingwood where there are now 11 elegant gallery spaces covering 520 square metres.


Centre Tim Bateson (Director and Artist) with well known artist and official guest speaker Euen Heng.

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